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Germantown Day School

Educational Philosophy

Germantown Daycare & Nursery School Services Early childhood education program

GDS is not only a daycare and nursery school. We are also an early childhood learning center that stresses the pillars of education. Find out more here.

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Why GDS?

GDS provides exceptional teaching and nursery school services to any child aged 3-5 years old. Click here to find out Why GDS?

Affordable Pricing

Here at GDS, we understand raising a child can be expensive, so we do all that we can to help. All expenses are included in a single flat price Show me more about pricing.

Centrally Located

Our newly-renovated learning center is located in the historic Market Square of Germantown, Philadelphia, PA. We are right on Germantown Ave! See the pictures here.

FAQS and Inquiries

We gathered some of your most asked questions, and we would be happy to answer any more!

Our Vision

We strive to ignite a passion for learning, in our children, because we believe a successful educational journey is integral for future success. The early years of a child's education are the most critical in their educational journey. This journey cannot succeed with only daycare.

The Germantown Day School doesn't  just specialize in child care.  We focus on educating your child and preparing them for their educational journey - "Incipit In Via".  Our goal is to provide children of the greater Philadelphia area the highest quality education and care.

Germantown Day School desires to educate as many children as possible, in the four "key" educational pillars: Math, Science, Reading, and the Arts. Development in these four important areas will lay a great educational foundation.   

Our school will never exceed 48 students and this small size will enhance every child's learning experience. We believe that every day matters and we  are  dedicated to  making the most of every day.  GDS is open 7am to 6pm daily to support families in fully maximizing each child's daily learning potential. 

GDS Philosophy

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Germantown Day School

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