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The Journey Begins Here

The Germantown Day School school crest has inscribed in latin the words, "Incipit In Via," which means The Journey Begins.  That the journey of life-long learning. Our early childhood school is geared for this journey 

We believe that for the educational journey to be successful, every child must develop, what we call the four key skills: Reading, Math, Science, and the Arts.

The Germantown Day School (GDS) is a child care learning center where children learn these four key skills...and our school program for children is structured to accomplish this goal.  

We emphasize structured and age-appropriate learning over baby-sitting. GDS does provide daycare and nursery school services, but we value education more than any other school. Furthermore, we emphasize the development of an early appreciation for learning - learning that provides critical benefits to a child's future academic success.  

Every child can benefit, and is welcome to benefit, from the GDS philosophy of a fun, but structured and committed early childhood learning environment.

Early Childhood Learning for children Germantown Philadelphia PA

Early Childhood Learning with Structure

We believe that our greatest educational achievement will be that, by focusing on our four-key skills each and every day, we can avoid diluting the school day with "time-wasting".  Instead, we fill the day with child care education activities that actually build our four key skills.

This focus will allow us to deliver on the promise of, "A structured, learning-based Pre-K program that maximzes each day to the fullest potential." And at GDS we always make the most out of our day with our days. 

Our child care learning center encourages play that fosters learning and we encourage the necessary social transitions all students will eventually experience. 

We believe that exposure to a structured classroom setting and the appropriate use of technology will best prepare a GDS student for their life-long 21st century educational journey.

Want more information about our early care education? Check out our FAQ page.

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Not Daycare...Day School

A child today - beginning a 21st century educational journey - must become a strong reader, must be able to think critically and courageously, solve problems collaboratively, utilize technology and appreciate artistic pursuits. These skills are all crucial to our child care education program, and we believe this is what makes us the best program for children.

Like our favorite memories from school, our early childhood school heavily values joyful experiences and moments. GDS' commitment is to make learning fun, while integrating our beliefs of the necessary 21st century educational components...

...And by utilizing the best individual learning methodologies while focusing on the four key skills,(Math, Science, Reading and the Arts); GDS can build the strongest and most efficient plan for your child's unique educational journey. Visit Why GDS? to find out more about how we distinguish ourselves from other daycare providers.

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