Why Germantown Day School?

Facility for the Early Childhood Program

The GDS physical location is in the historic Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. GDS is a fully restored three - story building. This comfortable and visually appealing environment is truly more like home than the stereotypical old nursery school building of yester-year.  

We utilize all three floors of our building to accommodate our early child education program : A main learning center on the first floor, divided into two sections, a formal and informal setting. 

Each room in our early child education program can be used for age appropriate science projects and group demonstration, utilizing a large video screen. However, the formal classroom utilizes desks and here our daycare program seeks to replicate and prepare for, on an age appropriate basis, the necessary listening requirements of first grade.

Our early childhood program utilizes a larger and separate learning area for group play and side "pods" for informal learning reinforcement and demonstrations. These "pods" reinforce the topics initiated in the main learning area.

We have a separate music room and we also have daily "specials" which are group classes in music and yoga. A separate kitchen/lunch room is located on the second floor. The third floor is for free play and nap-time. The physical amenities at GDS are one of the many reasons why we are the best daycare in Philadelphia, PA.

Our building may be very spacious but the entire school will never have more than 40-48 students.  Our early childcare program believes that smaller learning groups make for better learning outcomes.

...And to GDS learning outcomes matter.

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To better understand our children's learning achievements, GDS prepares two weekly "assessments." One assessment is based on the child's academic "performance" and the other is based on observed socio-behavioral interactions. This is a testament that our educational program for children goes beyond simple daycare programs.

These "assessments" are not considered in the same way or used in the same manner as academic assessments. No child is "scored" inappropriately and positive reinforcement is always provided. The children do not receive any portion of the assessment.

Our goal is simply to understand your child's performance and intervene, if necessary, at the earliest possible moment. By building a data set of observations we can begin to understand, over a longer timeline, your child's performance and highlight performance outliers.


Our beautiful building is secure.  Many child-safety precautions have been taken.  Our children are each equipped with an individual GPS bracelet and the entire building has security cameras - you will always know your child is safe in our early education program.


Our early child education program integrates technology into our student learning setting by providing EACH student with their very own Kindle Tablet. The tablet is maintained at school and only educational apps are utilized. No outside internet access is permitted.

We utilize two 60 inch screens to demonstrate concepts and share ideas.

Early Childcare Program Summary

We have flexible scheduling and hours to accommodate just about all parents...and with benefits like:

  • Beautiful facilities      
  • Small School Size (40-48)
  • Safe and Secure
  • Cutting Edge Technology Used
  • Daily Commitment to Four Key Skills 
  • Daily and Weekly Performance Updates
  • Tuition includes breakfast, snack, and lunch everyday. 

The real question is: What are you waiting for?  Call today to schedule an appointment and tour the GDS early education program and see if Day School is better than Day Care.

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